A downloadable game for Windows

Simple physics sandbox made for LD36, in 7 hours. There is no objective. Play around with the control panel. Shoot water physics particles, tweak gravity, create castles, destroy castles, whatever you like! Try creating interesting situations by tweaking objects in mid-simulation pause mode.

Send me feature requests at joeypuggy@gmail.com

And stay tuned for post-LD version of the game . . .

[Known issues]

  • Gravity/Physics changes are not made for newly added objects.
  • Game crashes when there are more than ~800 water physics particles.
  • Graphics were obviously done in MSPaint.

Source code is for Scirra Construct Classic R2.


Ancient Tech Playground [Windows Executable] 3 MB
Ancient Tech Playground [Source] 249 kB
Construct Classic R2 [Game Engine]

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